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Sycamore Lane Therapeutic Riding Center and Celebrate the Senses

Suzanne Cleland-Zamudio, MD, a Portland-based otolaryngologist, devotes a large portion of her time to operating and maintaining Sycamore Lane Therapeutic Riding Center. Dr. Suzanne Cleland-Zamudio founded the organization in 2008 after observing that Oregon only had available a limited number of animal-assisted therapy programs.

Sycamore Lane Therapeutic Riding Center, a nonprofit organization specializing in equine-facilitated therapy and recreational riding, provides supplemental treatments for clients with a wide range of physical and mental impairments. Equine-facilitated therapy’s many applications include occupational therapy and physical therapy, which Sycamore Lane offers through Celebrate the Senses.

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Celebrate the Senses focuses its resources on assisting children with autism spectrum disorder, Down syndrome, and attention deficit disorder (ADD), as well as unrelated motor and sensory issues. Applying a broad range of therapeutic approaches, including yoga and recreational activities, the organization helps clients of all ages improve a number of skills, ranging from eating to handwriting. Celebrate the Senses customizes yoga classes and other activities to fit each student’s ability level. More information about Celebrate the Senses can be found at www.celebratethesenses.com.

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