About Suzanne Cleland-Zamudio

An otolaryngologist with more than 15 years of experience in her field, Dr. Suzanne Cleland-Zamudio provides a wide range of diagnostic and treatment services to the patients of Portland Ear Nose & Throat Specialists in Portland, Oregon. Commanding an impressive professional history, Dr. Suzanne Cleland-Zamudio began to lay the foundations for her career while a student at the Oregon Health & Science University School of Medicine (OHSU).

During her time at OHSU, Dr. Suzanne Cleland-Zamudio pursued topics in all facets of the medical practice, fulfilling core requirements in a classroom and clinical environment. Following receipt of her Doctor of Medicine from OHSU in 1993, Dr. Suzanne Cleland-Zamudio relocated to Minneapolis, Minnesota, to continue her clinical training at the University of Minnesota Medical School and the Hennepin County Medical Center.

An otolaryngology resident for the next four years, Dr. Suzanne Cleland-Zamudio gained a high degree of professional training at each of these institutions, setting the stage for her career as an ear, nose, and throat specialist. Returning to the Portland area after the successful completion of her residency, Dr. Suzanne Cleland-Zamudio subsequently began her practice at Portland Ear Nose & Throat Specialists, where she works to this day.

Dr. Suzanne Cleland-Zamudio maintains affiliations with several regional hospitals, including Legacy Emanuel Medical Center, Providence Portland Medical Center, and Portland Adventist Medical Center. Dr. Cleland-Zamudio and the staff of Portland Ear Nose & Throat Specialists adhere to the highest standards of clinical excellence and patient satisfaction.

A member of the American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery and the American Rhinologic Society, Dr. Suzanne Cleland-Zamudio stays current with the latest developments in her field through her associations with these organizations. To read more about the professional background of Dr. Suzanne Cleland-Zamudio and the services she provides through Portland Ear Nose & Throat Specialists, please visit her practice’s website at http://www.portlandentspecialists.com.

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